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Wedding Stories.

The creation of this eclectic range of work in 'Wedding Stories' has been the result of my investigation into wedding practices and customs from different cultures and ages. 'Wedding Stories' begins with a range of white porcelain ware; teapots, cake stands, cups and saucers, textured with lace and doilies delicately balanced to form a modern allegory for the precarious excesses of the 'White Wedding'.  Global folklore and traditional poems together with African and Indian conventions also inspired the work: A thrown and hand carved soup tureen was inspired by the Korovai, a traditional wedding bread from the Ukraine; a tile 'rug' wall piece references the traditional Persian Sofreh; a tower of flower vases with orange blossoms draped in pearls and rhinestones pay homage to the traditional French Croquembouche. This body of work culminated in a solo exhibition at Llantarnam Grange, Cwbran, Wales in 2011.

white wedding 4-72dpi.jpg
croquembouche detail72.jpg
scarred 3 detail 72.jpg
feast tallmiddle-72.jpg
wood 1-72.jpg
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