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Lisa received her BFA in Ceramics from Alfred University and her MFA in Ceramics and Mixed Media Sculpture from Pennsylvania State University. She was awarded the Summer SIX Fellowship from Skidmore College in 1997 &1998 and taught  Fine Art at Ossining High School in New York where she developed an extensive ceramic curriculum. 

Since moving to the UK in 1999, She has continued to work as both a practicing ceramic artist and educator. Based at Fireworks Clay Studios since 2000, she has exhibited nationally and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions, contributing to various publications, leading workshops in schools and community groups and has undertaken residencies.  She has also worked on a number of commissions, including work for the British Television series Sherlock Holmes and most recently for the Maggie's Cancer Centre in Cardiff.  She received an Arts Council Development Grant in 2005 and the Gold Medal for Craft and Design at the National Eisteddfod in 2016. 

Lisa's functional sculptural ceramics explore and develop forms that are found in modern and brutalist construction. Investigating the relationship between form and architecture, creating a delicate synthesis between form and function, she is currently building stacked ware that when deconstructed introduces theatre to communal dining.

Each stacked tower makes visual reference to the stark architectural buildings that have inspired its form and a metaphorical reference to the philosophies inherent in designs for a social utopia.

Lisa revels in the parallels to be drawn between the crafting of ceramic and concrete materials, the domestic and the monumental.

As the focus of intimate meals, dinner parties and celebratory events, where opportunities for storytelling, discussion and debate are created, Lisa's work comes into its own.

'World of Other' Interview

'Lis​a Krigel's unusual sculptural pieces, infused with visionary energy and experimentalism, remind us of the urban landscape where our childhood unfolded.  Informed by brutalist aesthetic and based on the idea of sharing and community, her recent body of work explores the form and function of tableware in relation to the foods that they are used for, and results in weirdly futuristic structures resembling dystopian cityscapes...."  

photograph by together and sunspell

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In the Beginning there was Kitchen Storeys...

'Pushing the boundaries between form and function has always been at the heart of my practice, but my interest in food and architecture, particularly modern and brutalist construction and the utopian Ideology that underpinned many of these architectural forms, fuel my current ceramic work." 

My Practice

'Research underpins my practice but the choice of clay body, glaze and firing temperatures is also an integral part of what I do


Many months of clay body and glaze experiments are done to achieve the colour, durability and surface of these latest towers.' 


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