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'Lifting the Lid' Art Spot Korin Gallery Wales-Japan Collaboration 2020

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The exhibition brings together a small group of artists from Wales and Japan who are interested in the Everyday and the exploration of ordinary objects.

The artworks may be a response to what is present in particular objects, the evocation of hidden meaning or the imposition of new meaning.

Material and making process is of each artist’s choosing. Each artwork was mailed to the gallery – some artists have used outer packaging as an integral part of the artwork or its display.

This exhibition, curated by Heather Parnell and Masahiro Kawanaka is part of ongoing Wales – Japan artist collaborations since 2018 which have been supported by The Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International.

It is hoped that there will be further developments in Wales and Japan in 2021.

Artist include:

@annegibbs48. Aya Shimamoto

@chrisbirdjones. Chris Nurse

@dtrivedyFrances Woodley

@cosmo23Matthew Fasone

Nigel Talbot. Takaya Fujii



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