Kitchen Storeys Live Intervention

MOMA Machynlleth in The Tabernacl, Machynlleth, West Wales UK

As part of the 2017 Culture Colony Interventions at MOMA’s Tannery, Kitchen Stories Live was presented. This work was exhibited for one week in July 2017. The ceramic structures were installed on a large table in the centre of the space, presented as a traditional exhibition of ceramics. 

On Thursday 27th of July 'The Herbivore' and I created a Black Menu of food to suit the overall aesthetic of the ceramics and created a banquet performance for 40 participants. Performance Artist and writer Tiff Oben opened the evening. 

'Good evening and welcome to Kitchen Stories Live, the first of an experimental artwork by artist Lisa Krigel in collaboration with experimental chef Simon Matthews, bringing together ceramics, food and audience participation....' you can continue reading tiffs introduction by clicking the link:

Watch the slideshow 

We had amazing feedback from the lovely people who attended

‘A unique, beautiful experience. Seeing food and ceramics in a new light.  Many thanks for bringing it and us all together.’

‘Extraordinary, enticing, sophisticated, aesthetically crafted…’


‘ Thought it was brilliant. I loved the concept of seeing all the towers collapsing as we ate. Really enjoyed the food and loved the whole thing!’

‘Really nice to go to something new and unique. Clever ideas and concept…’


‘It was great to see ceramics that was so interesting more so than what one would see in most places. Quite challenging...’

‘… A stunning presentation full of surprises.  Would love to see this again.  This I will remember for the rest of my life.’

‘…It was really interesting to see the food and the ceramics both setting each other off. Both forming part of the aesthetic experience.  A really inspiring way to showcase the work. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and great to be able to appreciate and indulge in high art forms in a small rural town’

‘…Loved interacting with the ceramics and the deconstruction element, and the interaction between people while here. Would love to come and participate in more events like this.’

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and work from the National Eisteddfod 2016

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