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Slab Drawing.

At the 2021 architecture biennale in Venice, I was particularly drawn to small models of buildings displayed in boxes, a 3D line drawing of layered wire mesh and industrially manufactured metal kitchen trays reminiscent of TV dinners, Bento boxes and Thali plates.   

The work shown here is a direct result of the experiments developed from those experiences.


AVOT 9 - Slab Drawing in Avocado and Turquoise,  is currently showing in Lifting the Lid II at Oriel y Bont until 25 November 2022. Check out the instagram page@liftingthelidkorin
BUBL Slab Drawing in Blueberry, Ube, Beetroot and Lavender
DEFMA Slab drawing in Duck Egg, French Mustard and Avocado
BRAVOBO Slab drawing in Beetroot, Avocado, Burnt Orange
group 1.jpg