T a p a s   T o w e r s

Each individual piece is hand-thrown from a specially blended stoneware clay that has been developed to achieve a concrete colour and feel. The pieces are meticulously sanded and polished to a smooth finish and high-fired for durability.  When deconstructed, each tower reveals an array of plates, cups, dishes and bowls exposing a variety of colourful satin matt glaze interiors, including orange, paprika, stone blue as well as pale and lime green.

A  g a l l e r y  o f   i m a g e s

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A few deconstructed and in  use

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Breakfast Skyline

I love breakfast...

It can be as simple as an espresso and a boiled egg or as complex as a four-course meal.  This series comblines my love of modern and brutalist architecture with the most important meal of the day

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