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Stacked Tableware
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 Handmade in Wales

 Hand thrown and slab-built piece made from my studio in Wales, each piece is made from a specially blended stoneware clay designed to achieve that concrete colour and feel. Once bisque-fired, each part is meticulously sanded and polished to a smooth finish, glazed on the inside with a variety of newly developed satin matt glaze colours, including pale english green, Burnt Orange, apple green and mustard yellow. 


The work is then high-fired for durability and is food and dishwasher safe.

"Lisa Krigel’s work is a visual delight. Form and function synthesis perfectly, through her crafting of clay and glaze, as beautiful kitchenware stacks up as domestic sculpture. Her configurations defy the saccharin and decorative.

It is the synthesis of the monumental structures that inform her pieces, and their domestic scale make the work such a strong statement. It appears that all her past influences have collided into these unique works that have the enjoyment of both play and food at their centre.” 

                               Helen Sear



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Lisa Krigel is an award winning Ceramic Artist with work in many private and public collections, including the Contemporary Ceramics Collection at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff. Originally from New York, she emigrated to Wales in 1999 and has made Cardiff her permanent home. Based at the lively community that is Fireworks Clay Studios, she is the current Chairperson and creates functional ceramic sculptures inspired by the design and ideology of modern and brutalist architecture.

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photo by Together and Sunspell

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