'Kitchen Storeys'...the beginning

Pushing the boundaries between form and function has always been at the heart of my practice, but in 2015, my interest in food and architecture, particularly modern and brutalist construction and the utopian Ideology that underpinned many of these architectural forms, began to fuel my ceramic work.  In these stacked, sculptural pieces that first formed ‘Kitchen Storeys’, function was making its way to the fore.  Here, I began and continue to make direct reference between the functions of the modern and brutal concrete buildings and each component of my stacks. As each tower is dismantled the presentation becomes dependent on the particular food that it houses. The pieces become part of the rituals that surround intimate meals, dinner parties and celebratory events, where we create opportunities for storytelling, discussion and debate that fill the spaces we live and work in, and so, for a moment, the utopian vision that the Brutalist architects and designers believed in, might be glimpse

'Eight Storeys'

Oriel y Bont

December 2015- February 2016, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, Wales 

The table top as cityscape

'Eighteen Storeys'
At the National Eisteddfod Wales 2016

Praise for 'Eighteen Storeys'

“Lisa Krigel’s ceramics are a revelation – so different to previous bodies of work by the artist and a harmony of artistic vision, technical skill and exemplary design".

 “The stacked, hand-thrown vessels – mezze and breakfast bowls, tea and coffee pots, cups and plates – are at once stark and strikingly beautiful. At first glance, suggestions of function – a handle or spout – might present themselves, but these are sculptural objects; architectural stoneware towers. Grouped together on sleeper-like oak boards, they create a tabletop cityscape. Glazes move through flat greys and steely blues to warmer buff colours, reflecting the concrete structures that inspired them. When disassembled, piece-by-piece, into their individual component parts, their practical purposes are slowly revealed. They are objects that invite touch and interaction. I would love to use them".


Rachel Conroy

A Video

Of inspiration, ideas and the making of eighteen storeys

 Created by Culture Colony.  Ccommissioned by the National Eisteddfod of Wales.  


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Lisa Krigel 'Bowl tower'