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At the 2021  architecture biennale in Venice, I was particularly drawn to small models of buildings displayed in boxes, a 3D line drawing of layered wire mesh and industrially manufactured metal kitchen trays reminiscent of TV dinners, Bento boxes and Thali plates. 

The series of work shown here called ’Slab Drawings’ are a direct result of the experiments developed from those experiences. 


  • After making my 'concrete' like clay body into a paperclay, two pieces are rolled cut and lamanated together to create the 'slab' whist the pots are measured to size and then thrown on the potters wheel.  Each slab is drawn onto with slips and underglazing to create the charcoal effect line drawings.  The exterior of the pots and the backgroud of the slabs are unglazed but feels smooth to touch while the interiors reveal a variety of semi- matt glazes including  Blueberry, Ube, Lavender Grey and Beetroot.  A drawn black line around the edges of the pots helps frame your amazing food. All of these glazes are food safe and have been developed in my studio in Cardiff.  The work is high fired for strength and durability.


    Slab Size: approx. -L x W x D -  26cm x 18cm x 1.5cm / 10.7" x 5" x .5"

    weight with pots: approx - 2kg  / 4.41 lbs


    Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

    100% lead free

    My ceramic work is hand made by me in Wales so any slight difference is glaze application, surfaces and size are there to embrace.

    Other colours are available with a 6-12 week lead time.

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