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Inspired by ‘the egg’ and other round brutalist buildings  these stacked plates are part of a limited edition of slab-built plates and bowls.

BBLGH Stacked Tilted Plates

  • These slab-built plates are made using my specially blended stoneware clay, developed to achieve a concrete colour and feel. The exterior is unglazed but feels smooth to touch.The interiors reveal a variety of semi- matt glazes including blueberry, Lavender Grey and Honeydew on the spoon.  All of these glazes are food safe and have been developed in my studio in Cardiff.  The work is high fired for strength and durability. 



    Large Blueberry Plate - 21cm d x 6cm h at top edge of tilt and 3cm h at bottom edge of tilt.

    Lavender Grey Plate - 13 cm d x 6 bcm h at top edge of tilt and 3cm h at bottom edge of tilt.

    Small Blueberry pot - 8 cm d x 5cm h at top edge of tilt and 2.5cm h at bottom edge of tilt.

    Spoon  in Honeydew -12cm length, spoon bowl - 4cm d


    Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

    100% lead free

    My pottery is hand made by me, so any slight difference in glaze application, surfaces and size are there to embrace.


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