Eating Sweets

These brightly coloured, bejewelled porcelain teapots are developed from an incident with a couple of insects in a popular Welsh sweet shop. These pieces were just the beginning of a story examining our societies relationship with processed food and the simultaneous decay of both. This body of work has been shown at Craft in the Bay and Kooywood Gallery in Cardiff, Floc Gallery in Newport, UK as well as at the 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, Texas. 2013-15

Lemon and lime with a twist

Orange with raspberry swirls

Sherbet orange twist

Raspberry with friend

Pale berry frosting with blueberry drop

Orange with tropical jazzies

Light blueberry with bubblegum drop

Light and dark blueberry swizzle

Lemon with button drops as seen in 500 teapots 2013

Grape with black currant drop