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After visiting Berlin in 2013 and witnessing Brutalist concrete architecture, I have been developing functional, stacked ware in my Cardiff studio, exploring both modern and Brutalist constructed forms. 


How They're Made

Meticulously thrown on the potters wheel, every piece I create is hand-crafted using my specially blended stoneware clay, developed to achieve a concrete colour and feel.

With a fastidious approach to the throwing and turning processes, I use weighing scales and Calipers and measuring sticks to ensure that the stacked pieces are uniform and fit well with each other.


The exteriors are unglazed but feel smooth to the touch as they have been scrupulously hand sanded and buffed to achieve a polished concrete-like surface.  

The interiors of the pieces are coated with a range of satin matt glaze colours that I have developed, and are fired to Cone 7 (1240c) for durability, producing both food and dishwasher safe ware.


I often work collaboratively so I am always happy to talk to you about creating bespoke pieces that suit you.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas. 

Check out the colour chart below for brand NEW COLOURS!

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The Maggie Collection

In 2019,The Maggie’s Centre and Dow Jones Architects commissioned a series of plates, bowls and mugs for the new and stunning Maggie’s Centre, Cardiff.  After working meticulously for several months testing and measuring, the final sizes and designs were decided and the collection was born.  

Since then, I have added other pieces to this collection, but the initial design is the same.  As I throw each bowl, plate or cup on the potters wheel, not only do I think about the final design and what that tower will look like, but I also consider the people who will use them, what it’s like to unpack and stack each section back together, how the pieces feels when they're held in the hand and how they might look and function when food is served in them.

The Sofia Collection

The Sofia collection was created from my love of all coffee and the need to create some smaller towers that function in the same way as the Maggie pieces do. This collection has a variety of shape and sizes that make this collection incredibly unique. As with all my work, each piece is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel, weighing and measuring each lump of clay so that at the end, all of the elements slot neatly on top of or underneath each other.  

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