Inspired by agricultural grain towers spotted whilst driving through the French countryside, This 16cm. ht. modern Espresso Cup Tower is ideal for those people who love their morning coffee and is  especially perfect for Macchiato fans, as a jug and a spoon are also included.  

Strasse Espresso Cup Tower in Burnt Orange, Rose and Grey Skies

  • Meticulously thrown on the potters wheel, each piece in this tower is hand-crafted using my specially blended stoneware clay, developed to achieve a concrete colour and feel. The exterior is unglazed but feels smooth to touch. The straight handle cup reveals a new 'Grey Skies' satin matt glaze, the round handle espresso cup reveals a  new 'Rose' satin matt glaze and the jug and spoon interior reveal a Burnt Orange satin matt glaze. All glazes are food safe and have been developed in my studio in Cardiff. The work is high fired for strength and durability.




    Tower Height - 16cm stacked ht.


    Straight handle Espresso/Macchiato Cup in new 'Grey Skies' 6.5cm diam x 5cm ht.  Holds approx. 3 fl oz or 88 ml


    Round handle espresso cup in new 'Rose' - 6.5cm diam x 5cm ht.  Holds approx. 3 fl oz or 88 ml


    Jug in 'Burnt Orange' 6.5cm diam. x 6.75 cm ht. Holds Approx. 4 fl oz or 113ml                     


    Spoon in 'Burnt Orange' 10cm length, spoon bowl - 3 cm diam.