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New Towers.

New Colours!
Developed alongside my 'slab drawing', the new drawing element on these tower  help frame the colours and the food you would present.
burnt orange and blueberry espresso cup tower for one WEB  7496.jpg
Avocado, Mustard and duck egg blue egg cup & bowl tower7407 2.jpg
avocado & french mustard egg cup tower with bowl WEB 7427.jpg
Ube & blueberry egg cup& bowl tower 4 WEB _7391.jpg
duck egg blue& avocado egg cup & bowl tower WEB 7397.jpg
beetroot and lavender egg cup & bowl tower WEB 7396.jpg
including Burnt Orange, Duck Egg, French Mustard, Avocado, Ube, Lavender, Pitaya Pink,  Beetroot, Blueberry, and Lime.
GROUP 7784 WEB.jpg
colour group- egg cup and espresso cup towers wix web crop bg7524.jpg
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