Breakfast Skyline

Photo's by Dewi Tannant Lloyd

I love breakfast...

It can be as simple as an espresso and a boiled egg or as complex as a four-course meal.  This series comblines my love of modern and brutalist architecture with the most important meal of the day

Each piece, in every tower is hand thrown and made from a specially blended stoneware clay designed to achieve that concrete colour. Once bisque-fired, each part is meticulously sanded and polished to a smooth finish, glazed on the inside with a variety of satin matt glaze colours including paprika, orange, pale and lime green.


The work is then high-fired for durability and is food and dishwasher safe.

A  g a l l e r y  o f   i m a g e s

photos-Dewi tannant Lloyd

B r e a k f a s t   S k y l i n e

o n  T o u r

By Invitation

Curated by Steven West at the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art. Conwy, Wales

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